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The people most killed in bank robberies are the robbers themselves.
Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was Kevin's birthday party even though his actual birthday was last tuesday. 
i only knew about this like last minuteish, in fact Friday afternoon/night. 
it only involved going to Plume (yumcha) & watching a movie @ Hoyts.
well there was a after party kind of thing, but i didn't feel like going :)
sorry no pictures of it.

We watched Inception, my oh my it's confusing. 
 i kinda understand it but not entirely, especially at the end was like 'o.o'. 
It's so mind boggling, but i guess i can see why it gets high ratings.
watch it, watch it :]

i totally need to learn how to ride a 2 wheel bike. 
how adorable is this bike man, i doubt i have the guts to actually learn 
cause I've had bad memories of trying to & a scar that goes with it. 

this happened to me countless times.

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