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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nothang special about school today, 
but tomorrow there is gonna be a shuffle competition 
held @ watergardens for more info click this
shiz 2261 people attending, i just hope it doesn't rain at all. 
i'll be going after my netball training, hopefully i wont be too drained :)

my favorite movie would have to be A Cinderella Story.
followed by Mean Girls.
i borrowed it the other day and watched it yesterday again.
I've watched it so much times already, but i doubt i'll get sick of it. 
i had a sudden urge to watch it again today.
perhaps i'll watch it tomorrow :D
it has a superb soundtrack aswell.  

my favorite songs from the soundtrack are (click the title to d/l):
Here You Me - Jimmy Eat World
Friend - Kaitlyn
Falling for You - Busted 
Now You Know - Hilary Duff

background music:
coffee and cigarettes - never shout never  

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