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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i forgot to mentioned how i like dragged my knee during the netball game yesterday.
I could've avoided it but instead, i'm left with a burn thingo.
yah, so afterschool i went w/ Quynh to Highpoint.
She needed to get her sister, a pressie for her birthday. 
She ended up getting her Supernatural season 1&2 + The Last Song :D
i finally got a Ipod Cover case from Diva, but it's not really what i originally wanted. 
It'll do for now though. For a better view click this.

It comes in black, hot pink & purpleish aswell. 
It's better in real life, more glamorous looking :)

before i was watching YouTube tutorials 
on how to do the lady gaga bow hairstyle. 
i need to test it out, but i doubt i have the 
confidence to actually exit my house with it.
very chic.

i'm really into bucket bags right now, i want one 
hmm, would they have it in charity shops?
i hope so, all of these bags from Urban Originals.

these are also the same brand. 
they all cost $40.00 a bit too expensive for that small shit.
a new wallet is still on my NEED list. 
i adore the sequins one the most (2nd)
anyways, goodnight 3 more sleeps till weekends 8)

background music:
Satisfy - Vedera

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