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Cell Phones Are Much Dirtier Than Public Restroom Toilet Handles
Thursday, August 12, 2010

i was full cbfing netball training today, 
i was thinking to wag it but thank god luck was on my side. 
the announcement thing came on during period 4, 
saying Netball training was canceled.
i was so relieved.

anyways afterschool i went recwest, 
i was gonna play volleyball, but too bad the teacher didn't let :(
i had to wait for Amy, to finish her volleyball practice.
then we went to go get some fish'n'chips. 
i think this is gonna be some kind of tradition :)

so finally tomorrow we have the beep test, 
i just wanna get it over and done with :D

omfg, i wanna go to this 'the hills night out' screening @ village cinemas 
but too bad its only at Southland & Jam Factory where on earth are these cinemas. 
fml, if you wanna know more click this.

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