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Beer foam will go down if you lick your finger and then stick it in the beer.
Sunday, August 22, 2010

i went city with Katherine today, the weather was so beautiful and sunny :)
the main reason for going city was to find contacts for katherine & explore. 
i really ceebs finding the pictures of what i got today.
i'll just dot point it, if you don't wanna know
click the button with the 'x' on the right hand corner :)

- long sleeve white lace top / ICE
- white lace ankle socks ! / Valleygirl
- tulle-ish black skirt / Factorie
- cropped blue printed owl top / ICE
- a floral shirt that can also be a dress (size L) / Temt
- black sequined cropped elephant printed top / Factorie
- Marilyn Monroe printed t-shirt but her face is a galaxy print instead/ T Bar

actually it was a pretty good shopping day.

i wonder whose gonna win the election,
i reckon there's not really a stand out this year though.
anyways, i hope i pass tomorrows maths test. :D
& needa buy more clothes hangers, i swear i keep running out.

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