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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, today i didn't end up going cit-aye w/ Tammy instead 
I met up w/ Jenny then we trained it to St albans. 
that area has pretty cute guys i reckon (:
& we ate maccas while waiting for Tammy's arrival. 
after that we met up w/ the birthday girl, cause we were attending her part-aye 
& about 4 we finally got to her house, 
i only stayed for abit, since her area has shitty transport & 
the party wasn't really my cup of tea.

i dont think you guys remember but
this is the rainbow cake i was talking about in this post; 
i finally got the damn picture 8)

& i feel a tad random so here's a pic that i stared at for like 2 minutes straight. 
so damn cute man 8)

i freakin' hate my net plan, exactly one more week 
till i'll be blogging again, good time to catch up on all my homework 
& tv shows :)

laters gee

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