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Monday, July 12, 2010

well today i did go to State Library 
but unfortunately i ended up only studying 3 / 11 exercises in that chapter. 
gonna so fail that damn maths test. 
um i wore the leopard print stockings 
with what Vivian suggested :

i added a blazer, and wore my usual black oxfords. 
i was sort of going for the sophisticated & professional look LOL. 
 i don't own any massive bags to hold books. 
so i had to carry around my maths text book & exercise book & pencil case. 
which i know for a fact i would get cramps in my upper arm tomorrow morning :(
i looked like a smartarse 8)

i was thinking of ways to take pics of my outfit, since i wanted to show you guys.
i remember that state library has this entertainment area, filled with mac computers. 
which means iphoto ;) but when i went there. 
it was all used up, but i think there was one left but i didn't want to look like an idiot 
using a damn mac computer in a public library to take outfit shots.

now, that is all i can recall
blog tomorrow ~

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