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To sell your home faster, and for more money, paint it yellow.
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i totally forgot to mention that yesterday 
was my first confrontation w/ ticket inspectors. 
Me and Cindy was just having a convo when these 2 men that were wearing suits 
stopped in front of us, we both had our foot on the chairs (train)
the convo was kinda like this:

* Cindy puts her legs off the seats 
Cindy: sorry 
ticket inspector: don't say sorry, get your metlink card out
*me and Cindy grab it out and give it to both of the dudes
*they scan it
ticket inspector: how old are youse?
us: fourteen
ticket inspector: why isn't it validated
Cindy: because they were fixing the ticket machines
ticket inspector: what station?
Cindy: Footscray.
ticket inspector: alright, don't put your legs up on the chair again 
because it could be a straight-up fine of $170
us: alright 
*they walk off down the aisle

that was my first experience w/ ticket inspectors and hopefully the last.
i also forgot to say i also got 2 fingerless gloves yesterday.
from supre; a black & a white one it's made out of lace aswell.

& i got a horoscope necklace and a childish bracelet from Diva.
on the packet of the necklace it gave a definition of my star-sign Gemini;
intelligent > vivacious > instinctual
i like that very much.
and what's with the stickers on the diva product saying:
"not intended for children under 13 years old"
its obviously a typo, i reckon it's meant to be 3 years old.
and error that hasn't changed in a while.

i really want a dress similar to that high-neck, white, short but not like slutty short.
LOL, i just need one !

& on my to buy list, is frilly white socks similar to the one above 
i need it to wear w/ my oxfords during spring/summer time. 
anyways today i just relaxed at home and cleaned my closet. 
tomorrow i'm going to Quynh's place; maybe to cook i'm not sure. 
but i'm definitely gonna take pics cause i really need to change my Facebook dp.

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