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Friday, July 9, 2010

i had like some bad luck today or was it cause i'm just a lazy pig.
i missed 2 buses cause i took forever to get ready, 
when i left my house, and nearly reached the busstop the bus just goes right past me 
so i had to walk home and tell my dad to drive me to Quynh's place. 
we didn't end up cooking so yahs, we went hp for a little bit. 
i got some cute rings from equip aswell as maccas 
& a few hours after i got home my mum bought home maccas dinner box. 
i was like omfg, not in the mood to eat it LOL. 
but of course i ate some, i do not waste good food :D

when i was walking to the busstop, around 6:10 
just when i turned the corner, i saw the bus coming
i put my arms to signalise i want to get on that bus. 
i was just like 15 steps away from the busstop, 
but due to my bad luck today, it went right past me.
then i had to wait for another bus in the coldness :(
we took some webcam pics, here they are;

lisa / quynh / me

lisa / nancy / me

lisa / katherine / me

back - front
quynh / katherine / nancy / lisa / me

lisa & me 

as you can see i'm very gay doing the same poses and tilting my head the same way. 
it just suits me better i reckon, like you know how everyone 
has a different way of posing that compliments them, like some people 
look better straight-on, or to the left side of the head or the right. 
but some people are photogenic bitches, who suit any angle unlike moi.

i did a little 'lookbook' shoot to show what i was wearing since 
i always wanted to do that for my blog readers. 
hope you like :)

shirt/dress - jayjays
coat/jacket - vintage
belt - vintage
necklace - factorie
stockings - target
oxfords - rubi shoes
lace gloves - supre
badge (on the belt) - diva

credits: to katherine the photographer :)

i decided to go to my favorite beach today, brighton beach.
it was such a nice day aswell, so i might as well.
but i didn't go to swim, just to stare into the ocean and listen to depressing music
LOL, i'm a gaybo.
it was nice to go alone, i really need to do it more often; so refreshing
but i wished it was deserted

oyeahs when i was waiting for a train at footscray, i was just standing there
when a metro worker behind the fence comes up to me but not literally.
this is how it went down:
* i look behind me
metro worker: do you know you have a long run down your stockings? (he means a hole)
me: yeahs
metro worker: alright, just letting you know
*he walks away
i was thinking what a sick perverted cunt, looking at my legs LOL :D

how mad is this damn coco-cola camera - i want one so bad

how good has desperate housewives been lately?
man the serial killer makes it so much more worthy of watching.
but the show freaks me out a bit, but so juicy at the same time.
i am sooo gonna watch the season finale next Monday :)

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