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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

this morning, i was so tired 
i woke up @ 8:10 & i was like shit, no way i can make it to school in time 
so i took my time, and arrived just when homegroup ended. 
i usually try to avoid getting late passes, but yeah what a bummer. 

ohyeahs, this is the skirt i got my jayjays; 
i actually got it in this day but forgot to post about it.

so we didn't end up doing beep test, cause it was too cold outside :@ 
it's postponed to next week & i freakin' wore shorts for nothing, shaved my legs for nothing. LOL, golly gosh. 

 hm, afterschool i was suppose to go sell all my chocolates, but instead 
Me and Amy went Watergarden, i got nice feminine rings from Equip, 
& a floral chain bag, but sadly it's not on the website. 
i also got socks to wear with my badass boots. 
one in white & a grey one with a frilly edge from cotton on. 
& also got a tan high waisted belt (below)
it was gold rather than silver, weird. 
i love you amy, ;)

i noticed that ever since i got my iPod, i have no interest in books anymore.
plus, i hardly have the time my schedule is quite filled up everyday. 
i'll type out my usually weekday schedule:

7:30-8:25 - get ready for school 
8-35-3:00pm - school 
3:00 - 5:00-6:00pm (if i go out afterschool) - socialising
6:00 - 6:30pm - shower 
6:30- 10:30 - internet 
hm, thats all but i usually play apps on my ipod, to make me sleepy 
instead of reading. 

tomorrow, i think i'm just gonna do a inspiration posts, 
so lots and lots of pictures :)

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