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Starfish don't have brains.
Sunday, July 4, 2010

i went city today w/ cousins.
i got my first heels, its black & its from rubi shoes.
piece of advice: if you're just getting your first heels 
always get something simple & black. 
cause black practically goes well w/ everything.
i really need an occasion to wear em, but i doubt there would be any soon.

omgosh, when we were waiting for a tram to go Harbour town. 
there was this crowd of people screaming, 
it was a scream like when your seeing someone famous. 
i turned around and there was a whole bunch people a street away from us. 
i thought it was Ed Westwick cause i think his in Melbourne at the moment, 
then maybe its the twilight crew but im not sure. 
but then the 'famous' person went away in a taxi shattering :( 
i really wanna know who it was.

i have this ring, but in pink instead. 
how mad is her nails man?

& there was a long-ass line to get to this club place around 2pm 
i think it was some kind of band ;D
the line was filled w/ skater/emo girls and guys yum.
& omgod there was this couple dressed like Wally & Wendy from 'the wheres wally'
book, i was like full on pointing and was like omgosh thats the dude from wheres wally.
i bet they got that alot.
man so much commotion on a Saturday afternoon.

i went to go watch movies w/ Tammy today.
we watched Eclipse, i thought it was gonna be shit to be honest.
i'm not a crazy fan of twilight, but i'm way more attracted to Edward Cullen
then Jacob. The movie turned out to be actually good, it past the time like hardcore.
once again i missed church, i have to go next week.
hm i rate it 8.5/10.

this was actually said in the movie, LOL.

man, i go city way too much im such a junkie.
i know i'm a bit late, on this song 
but i love it - it makes me wanna dance :)

background music:
California Gurls - Katy Perry ft; Snoop Dogg

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