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Sunday, July 25, 2010

so your maybe thinking 'wtf, i thought shes not blogging until next month' o_O
buttt, i still have about 150MB, left so why not blog, right?
since i finished reading all my updated blogs and all :)

so today, had pretty nice weather. 
i stayed home, watching The Hills Season 5 Part 2 !
no, i didn't buy it. 
i got it off my cousin who borrowed it off her friend anyways
it wasn't that awesome, i miss Lauren when i watched it. 
when it ended, i was kinda like 'meh, is that all?
i so don't look forward to the next season'. 

at 5 i went church, when i arrived there 
i went straight to the toilet, since i needed the mirror. 
i slowly pushed the door, and there was a guy like peeing in there. 
i was like 'OH SORRY' i was so startled. 
but it clearly said it's the women's toilet, including the picture. 
he was just like 'wtf'  *closes the door*

i decided, on my outfit to wear for my English presentation tomorrow. 
i'm gonna wear the school's blouse w/ my factorie blazer over it. 
& the stripy cotton on skirt pulled up to my waist. 
plus my black heels, i think i can walk in it now!
hopefully i don't look walk stiffly.

here's something similar to what i'm gonna wear: 
thats the actual skirt and blazer, but the heels & blouse i found from Google. 
my heels ain't shiny, and it's higher than that :L
& i'll wear many of my black & white bracelets and rings. 

now shizzle, i need to memorise my whole script, 
goodbye ~

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