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Friday, July 23, 2010

so once again it's the end of the school week,
and afterschool; i went over to Nancy's to do our hpe work
but we ceebs, so we just got started on our hair treatment and facial making.
we did the honey recipe again on our hair, cause' it seriously works :D
& we did a teabag facial which i don't really see much of a difference though.

anyways, when i was about to leave her house to bus back to sunshine station
it was around 7:25pm, but you know how it's already pitch black already
Nancy's mum was like worried and stuff, so she offered to take me back all the way to my house. i felt like such a pain in the arse but i rather be driven back then busing it :)

i'm going city tomorrow w/ Tammy again, i may blog about it
cause i'm up to 95%, so maybe maybe 8)

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