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Thursday, July 15, 2010

school was actually pretty good. 
but i was tired cause i stayed up @ night playing the app 'GodFinger' 
it requires the net but i don't have wireless net but when i was doing a wifi check 
a wifi net thing popped up and it wasn't password protected
so lucky me, i get free net, thankyou whoevers net is that :)

& today my school received chocolate boxes for the chocolate drive. 
can't wait to go knocking on houses and ask if they wanna buy any. 
it's a dairy milk normal chocolate one & also a top deck one (white chocolate)
it's $2.50 each i'm not sure if it's a rip off but ohwells :)

i'll be getting my ear re-pierced cause my left ear got blocked like last year. 
& i'm such a gayass for wearing 1 earring daily. 
um, i'm gonna re-pierce the one on the left and do a second one on my right. 
i have this friend, whose mum owns a hairdressers which also does piercings. 
so i might get it done around the next couple of weeks. 
now i just gotta persuade my mum to let me have a nose piercing 
when i hit 16 *fingers crossed

& i might also finally get my hair ends permanently dyed during summer time. 
like i always wanted, i love having friend's with benefits :D

adam sevani

i'm definitely gonna watch step up 3-D, when it comes out. 
i hope its worth it, and don't you reckon Adam Sevani (Moose)
is cute in the dorky way, like Seth Cohen :)
new celebrity crush*

i had netball training today, our official first premier league starts next week on tuesday 
i'm not sure what school we're vs-ing but we have to wear black 
netball skirts, & our coach said we can also wear bloomers that our school provides. 
Never worn though, and also we can have it. 
i'm sooooo getting one, it's free after all ;D
bloomers are like the shorts that cheerleaders wear under their skirts, ya know?

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