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Thursday, July 22, 2010

remember the maths test i was full stressing about around the end of my holidays?
well i got my results back yesterday and i got 61/100%
i'm pretty happy w/ it cause' i passed and i didn't expect it :D

anyways, i'll be MIA for a while cause' my net is 93% and i will be capped soon like Saturday
which means i wont be blogging at all. 
i might do another blog tomorrow then that's all until next month. 
god, i cant even comprehend how much blogs i have to read when i'm back. 
probably about 600-800 i suppose, i'll see i'll see. 
dw, i'll do the Monday/Tuesday etc thing if theres anything important. 
i'll just write it all on my iPod touch 'notes' app.

have a good night 

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