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Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
Friday, July 2, 2010

this post has been delayed for way too long; i'll try make it up :]
remember how i said i was desperate to get out of the house?
well after that post, i tried to make plans for the whole week
and guess what, each day was not wasted one bit ;D

i asked Alittia, to go highpoint w/ me since she can't go city.
so we went shopping & took stickies :D
i got a cardigan & leggings from (cocolatte)
i got 2 floral clothing; stockings & cardigan (cotton on).
i got tons of earrings aswell and also more badges for my badge collection (diva).

i went city w/ Jacinda to watch toy story 3.
we went Melbourne central, & harbour town.
i got the jacket & t-shirt (factorie) (below).
a silk cream top & a skirt & oxford shoes (cotton on).
i now own all colours of the rubi shoes oxfords; cream, brown & black :D
so back to the movie, we originally wanted to watch Toy Story 3 @ Village Cinemas in Crown, but their 2D version's last time was 1:15 pm, so we missed that. 
We went to Melbourne Centrals hoyts, but Jacinda had to be back @ Sunshine station before 5 & the movie lasts at least 2 hours. 
so we had to watch one at around 2, but the only one that had that time was 
'Xtreme Screen: 3D toy story 3' 
i had never watched in Xtreme screen before, so i was kinda intrigued.
it costed $18, which made me go broke :(
but the movie was soooo totally worth it, loved every second of it.
how scary is the baby & monkey man.

This day i planned to go to DFO southwharf or the Spencer street one,
but me, Katherine & Nancy couldn't find it, we were so tourist like
asking randoms for directions, but in the end we went to this shopping centre called
'Spencer street' i never been there, it's right next to the southern cross station.
It was quite similar to DFO, so we just ended up giving up :D
i got a dress from jayjays, it's floral but very emo-like.
not really my type but meh :)

after that we ate maccas, yum
I've been ordering the 'far far away wrap'
for numerous times already, i'm not over it just yet.
so instead of going home, i went to harbour town.
i got a singlet & a long sleeve black - shoulder padded (cotton on).

i also got a blazer & a peace sign (it was daisies, how can i not resist) 
t-shirt & a bow necklace (factorie).

the day i got uncapped :D 
read gazillion blogs & then got ready for Tammy's party 
the dress code was a dress + heels (semi-formal)
i don't own any heels, so i wore a supre floral dress w/ the blazer above. 
it sucked that it was 13 degrees and i was showing my bare legs, 
luckily i bought jeans along, i was gonna allnighter and watch the sunrise 
but nah, it was too freezing @ night. 
i'm surprised i'm not that sick its just i have a runny nose. 
i'll post the pics up, when i get them asap :)

Friday (today):
i went over to Nancy's house around 4, to test out a hair recipe. 
we were originally gonna apply mayonnaise on our hair for an hour, but we changed 
our minds since we didn't have enough mayonnaise. 
so we decided to do a egg + honey mixture it apparently helps get rid of dead hair. 
the recipe was very brief and didn't include the important info. 
Nancy applied it on my hair using paintbrushes don't worry it wasn't contaminated. 
When Nancy was washing it out of my hair
some shampoo got in my eye, and it went all red and scary. 
but as soon as i went outside in the cold wind, it turned back to normal. 

oyeah her sister, was making a cake w/ a friend. 
& it was rainbow in the middle looked mad, she gave me a slice. 
i actually took a photo of it, on Nancy's mum's iPhone. 
i'll try to get that asap aswell, gosh i suck. 
when i caught the bus to go back to sunshine, my hair dried up. 
and it felt so much healthier, and softer. 
i thought it was gonna fail but actually it turned out as a success. 

hm, heres the recipe from the top of my head :)
2 eggs 
& patients :P

1. break 2 eggs into one bowl and chuck away the shell. 
2. add honey, 2 and a half spoonful (normal spoon)
3. mix it together, until it looks like caramel. 
4. i recommend you clip up parts your hair so you can get all of the underneath bits.
i hope you know what im talking about :L 
5. apply evenly onto hair (don't worry about the scalp & roots)
6. its normal for it to go hard and stick together. 
7. leave it for 30 minutes without touching unless you want your hands to be sticky. 
8. rinse it out/have a shower
9. use your normal shampoo & conditioner
10. air dry your hair - avoid using a blow dryer & a hair straightener.
11. when its dry brush it & it should feel more healthier. 
bonus if your hair smells like honey mmmm. 
try it out :D

anyways, sorry if i sound like i'm showing off my purchases. 
& sounding like some shopaholic whore, but its not what you think it is. 
thanks for listening to me rant, & im heading to the city tomorrow aswell. 
so perhaps more clothes. 

background music:
hide and seek (cover) - Love is a Story 
i seriously, need to find a site to d/l it for free D:
help me?

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