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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

omgawwwd, school tomorrow D;
i cbf to the max man. 
& this term i don't think there's any public holidays :(

my one and only cat :)

you know how i love cats, and how i use to have 5 but 4 ran away/catnapped
so now i have only 1, but lately this little guy hasn't been home for like 2 days. 
i got all depressed and shit last night, but then this morning. 
my dad was like the cat is dead. 

dad: come outside, i'll show you it. 
me: is bugs like eating it?
dad: no it's just lying there
me: omgosh :O
*walk outside to the front lawn of the next door neighbour's house
 my dad slowly walked up to it, then bam his beautiful green eyes opened
it was just sleeping, i felt so rejoiced. 
but i think its afraid of my dad or something, cause i can feel it wanting to run when i was walking to my dad while holding my cat. 
enough about that. 

so today today today; 
i went city w/ amyy. 
i got many things :D, i love shopping.
from cotton on i got:
- floral blouse 
- floral jacket (in love w/ it)
-white oversized lace top
- denim jacket 

i got the bodysuit on the left but it's actually like a sample 
so which means theres only a couple, yay it's like i got vintage from damn cotton on.
it has the same frills but instead of the white body thing it's a floral print my favorite. 
it looks like bathers but i tried it w/ high waisted shorts, it looked uber cute.
& the skirt was only $2 so i just had to get it. 

how they wore polka dot tights:

i also bought 2 stockings; one polka dot like the pictures above, 
i finally got this stocking, i wanted it since forever ago it was $5 :)
and i got another one with a weird texture it was only $2

&&& i got these jeans, i finally have new black jeans! 
i had my old black jeans since year 5 i think
and it's getting a wee bit tight LMAO. 
and what a bonus it has studs.
i got these jeans from factorie ,i seriously love factorie jeans <3

well i probably won't be blogging as much since school is interfering. 
over and out.

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