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Saturday, July 10, 2010

i did nothing in particular today, 
i really need to do my holiday homework, i'm gonna lock myself 
in my room tomorrow, making myself read 15 chapters of a school book 'Hatchet'
i have to write chapter notes of all of the chapters in the book. 
chapter notes is when i have to write a 2 sentence summary everytime i finish a chapter that makes me cbf so much.
it would've been so much easier if we only needed to read all of the book, gosh school these days.

last night, i was watching wwe wrestlemania 25th anniversary on dvd. 
it was last years one, that was when i use to always watch wwe.
but now it's not even on t.v & no point cause jeff hardy left, my favorite :(
i havent finished the dvd yet got 1 more disc left, i'll watch it after i net a bit

how they wore leopard stockings:


click the link to view the slideshow;

i did this cause i need inspiration on how to wear my leopard stockings, 
since i haven't worn it yet, i look to over rated when i wear it i reckon. 
most of it is with black, but i dislike when i wear black on top cause it blends with my hair 
and ugh, it's just not a good look on me. i just thought i should share it :)
My stockings look most like the picture with 3 chicks stockings in it, the one on the left.

i'm gonna miss the hills, since its 6th season is the last. 
and omfg i need to get the season 5 part 2.
& i also need to rebuy the hills season 4, cause i let my cousin borrow it 
and she spilt nail polish on the 2nd disc, she tried to remove it with nail polish remover 
but that wrecked the disc, and now it doesnt work. 
no way am i gonna have a season with a disc that doesnt work, so i'm gonna buy a new one
asap :D

background music: 
iYiYi - Cody Simpson ft. Flo Rida 
his the 13 year old aussie 'Justin Bieber' 
watch the official music video here 

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