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Sunday, July 11, 2010

did nothang today besides go church like i said i would. 
and i actually finished my homework that i mentioned in yesterdays post; 
i freakin' have a maths test on the day i come back to school which is Wednesday 
& omfg, i don't even remember jack shit.
so i might be heading to State Library to study my ass off tomorrow.
aw, i don't wanna go back to school D;

i spent my day watching One Tree Hill 
and pimpin' my Myspace, i haven't done it in ages. 
i miss doing it actually, cause Facebook you hardly can even alter the appearance. 
i mainly only use Myspace to find amazing bands/singers. 
gotta make it pretty, cause who knows 

i feel like arranging my closet into prints & plains. 
instead of leaving it the typical colour coded thing cause i'm gay.

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