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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

8:30 - 3:00 = full gayness + boring-ness in other words school
afterschool, i felt like going to Salvos cause' haven't been there in forever. 
i needed to get vintage clothes instead of Cotton On clothes (utterly sick of it) :D
hm, i got like really baggy jeans which i wanted to alter to shorts, 
i was trying to find a high waisted - light blueish one.
something like below

but i found a darker tone one, when i was cutting it into shorts 
i was scared i was gonna stuff it up, like cut it too short but all fine. 
i'll probably live in it all through summer :)
love it <3
& i also got a small over the shoulder, black quilted chain bag. 
i bought a leopard printed coat*, it's like a cardigan fabric. 
its like the style of a trench coat, but the thickness of a cardigan.
can't wait to wear it out! & it was only $7 very worth it. 

before i post all my inspirational photos. 
um, i have this school assignment where i am a News presenter. 
& i have to interview my friend and we are allowed to wear w/e we want. 
i'm not exactly sure what to wear.
i could wear a blazer w/ a skirt & my school blouse + we are allowed to wear heels, 
since it fits into the role. 
& i'm performing this Monday so crappa better decide soon. 
hm something business like :S

photos that inspire me 
the wall art 

the leopardness

the outfit and the freakin' hair!

the simple-ness and the 4th dress <3

the shorts and blazer combo

the damn green shorts *drools

the tattoos - i really want them

the frenemies TEAM LAUREN

the 1st outfit

the shorts

the feminine-ness

the coolfactor, totally trying this out soon

the floral mix w/ goth boots

the creativity

the picture you should do with your best friend

the vibe 

the stockings and shoes


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