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your perfect, i wish i had the words
Monday, June 7, 2010

well today, i had hpe & i think i might have injured my thumb 
we had volleyball, and i guess the ball kept landing on my thumb bone, 
but i'll be fine, it just hurt when i was washing my hair :L

tomorrow is food day for my class & another class, 
it's just a day where our class SRC, goes out to fast food shops and order us all lunch, 
we chose Nandos, but of course we had to pay for w/e we ordered. 
it's like only a once a term thing, so pretty sweet deal.

i love the idea of this tattoo - maybe one day 
the year you were born & the space for the year you die, genius 

i just finished watching the hills, damn i'm gonna miss Lauren :(
but i still reckon i'm gonna buy season 5 part 2 / season 6 but i won't be that desperate 
anyhoos, i entered a competition to win the city part 1/part 2 
cause i'm a poor bitch and prefer to try to win it :D
well, wish me luck that they pick me.

so this Friday, i don't have school cause it's correction day, 
yay, i'm going city/harbour town w/ cousins :D 
haven't been out with them in ages, 
yeah can't wait till it's end of the week.

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