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You play me heart 'cause you're smart
Thursday, June 10, 2010

omgawwd today was a pretty good day besides double maths.
during period 5&6 i had art and we were doing acrylic painting, 
i finished my work like 30 mins earlier and then i realised i had pink & white paint 
on my hair cause' my hair was on the side. 
i washed it off and then i had an idea to get blue tips 
like i always wanted, it was such a disaster 
class mates said my hair looked grotty and in a matter of 10 mins 
the paint absorbed into my hair and was pretty much black again
i was like fuck this, i'm washing it out well it was funnier during the time.

welllss afterschool, i went to st albans w/ Tammy 
to explore that area since we haven't before
gosh, i don't like that area, nothing to do & pretty boring
i perfer sunshine/braybrook :D
we didn't stay that long, then after that we went to keilor plains 
so Tammy can bus it home, then yeah i just went home 
i loveeeeeeeeee reading the MX :)

tomorrow, i'm going city :)
i have no idea what to wear & why does it have to freezing cold. 
i really need to buy makeup remover wipes, 
& i'm also getting my iTouch tomorrow, getting excited 
omgosh how hot is the new iphone 4, yummm 

my favorite show right now; glee is on tonight 
i think it' about lady gaga, so yes.
can't wait, :D

your cool.

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