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You can learn to fly and you can chase your dreams
Sunday, June 13, 2010

my incident w/ my ipod touch is officially solved. 
i have 442 songs on it now, i'm satisfied. 
i'm on a look out for a back case for my iPod, 
i want either a rhinestone one or a rainbow tie-dye one :)
saving up time :]

well i just watched these 2 movies today & yesterday. 
Even though, i watched it already at the movies, i'm bored shitless. 
to be honest; hannah montana movie beats new moon's ass :)

i feel in the mood to clean, yes i shall. 
then i'll be a good girl and go church, so i can be free of sins. 
hah, so gay. 
enjoy the rest of your long weekend*. 

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