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You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i feel like a change in my post title. 
i decided to post real facts instead of song lyrics. :D

today i had detention but since it's the last week of the term. 
the teachers decided to make us clean the art room / science rooms. 
i was chosen to clean the art room, so freaken boring. 
so many paint stains & dried clay everywhere. 
but i perfered cleaning then writing shitloads of rules out.

when i came back from fish'n'chips shop, 
i had to walk home which only took 20 minutes, so wasn't that bad. 
as i entered my street, the sky looked so pretty. 
it was like a baby pink colour, very beautiful.
im so fully gay. LOL

& omgosh i made it on the netball team. 
give me a hallelujah. 
nah that's just plain gay, i was chosen along with 6 other people.
And there is also 3 substitute. :)
i got training tomorrow, drainer much.

so i'm such a bad hypocrite. 
i've always dissed tumblr, then my friend mary wanted me to pimp her tumblr. 
so i chosen to do floral, cause i always do.
then i started reblogging some pics for her, then i got kinda hooked. 
badddest hypocrite ever. 
& today i asked if i could collaborate w/ her. 
so here it is :) - so follow :)
we're kinda only blogging any pics w/ floral but not always. 

note. I'll never get enough florals. 

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