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An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
Sunday, June 20, 2010

yesterday, i watched 'Never Back Down' 
I've always wanted to watch it but never got the chance. 
damn, there's lots of eye candy in the movie. 
& a lot of gruesome fighting but i liked it. 
i rate it 7.5/10 :D

so today, i went to go watch a movie w/ cindy, enela & bonnie
@ highpoint, i haven't been there in forever. 
it was a tad bit awkward, but could've been worse.
we watched 'Prince of Persia' it was alright. 
kind of confusing, hm i rate it 7/10 8)
yeahs, i got some earrings & a necklace at diva. 
sucks, how there's school tomorrow. 
but just one more week till holidays.

i seriously, collected enough rings now. 
instead now i need more patterned dresses like the picture above &
also patterned cardigans :)
off, to go finish my textile cover. 

background  music:
Underneath - JoJo

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