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Saturday, June 12, 2010

well lets skip the rest of the days, 
yesterday i bought a iPod touch, and got happy blah blah
then i had an idea to chuck all my songs and delete it off my iTunes after. 
but lucky i didn't delete it all, but left like 200 compared to 600. 
when i put my iPod back in, to charge it. 
it said to that there was songs on my iPod that wasn't in my iTunes and 
it automatically deleted it off my iPod which suckkks, 
cause i have only 200 and something songs on it now D: 
im such a noobface.

i got pissed off at myself last night, and downloaded this 'undelete program' 
for files that were deleted from my recycle bin, 
(i always clear my recycle bin after i delete something)
but the program, doesn't work for restoring music 
cause it's a large file. 
last night when i was being emo, 
i remembered giving literally most of iTunes songs to my cousin, 
so i hope they didn't delete any, and i could get all my songs back :D
yes, i'm also going to their house, so all good.
oyeah i deleted my songs off iTunes cause my hard drive is running out space.

oyeah forgot, i may have a detention this week 
cause somehow our YLC, found out me & Amy was listening to a iPod during class. 
we had a sub teacher and she didn't see us, nor even told us off
so clearing someone snitched on us, and we actually found out who it was 
confronted her, she denied it obviously.
but i just hope our YLC forgets about it, and doesnt give us one at all *fingers crossed.

finally changed my skin, probs change it on the 2 weeks holiday coming up again. 
well anyways 
this has been going on at school, there's this guy who is a stalker. 
like you text him, and write for example; 
"hi jerry, what do you know about Thao Nguyen, Braybrook?"
and he texts back, saying something about you 
and also includes 2 friends and what they think about you.
his number is 199 JERRY, i really wanna find out who it is, 
heaps of people in my year level texted him, dw it's not some kind of scam. 
BUT, it costs $4 for each text.

& if finished reading my loser book in this post 8)

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