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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

so school, was pretty awesome 
well i had one of the best 2 periods of science ever. 
My class watched a movie called 'Outbreak'
it was the best movie I've watched @ school, it definitely beats high school musical :L 
but it's one of those movie you'll watch once and never again. 
it's about a virus, that kills people and is very contagious. 
i can't explain for shit LOL. 
the monkey ends up to be the cause of the disease, it was so cute but yet so evil. 
it looked like this monkey:

hm, after school i went keilor downs shopping centre. 
to explore w/ Tammy, 
we didn't stay long though, then Tammy went home & i traveled all the way to Watergardens to take train back to Sunshine.
When i just arrived there, i see the train leaving. 
Don't you just hate that when it happens?
ended up waiting for 10 then it got delayed D:
it was about 6 now, and already pitch black. 
i hate winter. 

oyeah there was this dude, well at least i think it was a dude. 
well he/she wore such a cute outfit, like oversized sweater w/ like a random picture in the middle, and skinnies w/ chucks and those retro hair.
he/she bought out a little diary and started writing, i was inspired. 
i want a diary, but too bad my handwriting is too fugly. 
not worthy for a diary.
i kept staring, i think he/she knew but w/e. 

i saw this picture on weheartit, and i was like isn't this in Melbourne?
then clicked it larger and yes it is. 
i didn't expect it to actually be on a worldwide known site.
haha, that's awesome, you can actually see Melbourne Aquarium (City).

anyways, i'm offffff <3

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