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Go ahead and blame who you wanna blame
Saturday, June 19, 2010

did you miss me?
i was gonna blog yesterday but my computer kept crashing & my electricity died. 

when i slept over Tammy's house we watched a Korean scary movie
it had Kim bum in it (boys over flowers). 
it was pretty scary and had a very unexpected ending. 
i could't sleep well after i watched that, go watch the trailer on YouTube :D
 it's called "Death Bell".

On Thursday there was netball tryouts and i was trying out for it. 
it was for premier league. 
13 people showed up & only 9-10 can get in. 
but i hope i get in, i do wayyy too much faults. 
should be getting back the results next week.

It was casual day.
i wore these exact clothes, lucky it was on the website :)

i felt very different wearing this. 
because majority of the girls in my school, 
wore black leather jackets & cotton on flats.
too typical for my liking. 
there's nothing wrong w/ them, but too common if you ask me.

if you like any of the clothing, click the link on the prices 
it'll take you to the website.
the prices on the site was:
Top - cotton on body - kristy crop $19.95
Jeans - factorie - blue acid wash $49.95
Shoes - Rubi Shoes - Agyness Brogue $29.95

this is a new book i borrowed, on Tuesday. 
so far it's a very good book. 
i like it how it's in two different people's perspective. 
this book kept making me say 'awww, so cute', 
heres the blurb as always:

Mia thinks boys are immature. 
They only talk about cars and sports. 
They only think about sex.
Will has no idea what girls talk about. 
He wishes he were a fly on the wall. 
He wishes he had a tape recorder and a hidden microphone ....
Fifteen Love is a funny up-and-down story about a boy and a girl, a viola and a tennis racquet; about family and friends, flirting and true love.

well i hope you liked my catch-up post. 
i really would like this to turn towards a fashion blog. 
but too bad i don't have any form of a camera, not even a damn webcam :(
one day, it'll be a fashion related blog instead my boring day to day life.
cause' i really do love fashion & it's very hard to express that without original photos.

enjoy your weekend. 

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