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Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'm really loving my mint coloured nails :D
well today i didn't go anywhere so 
i decided to do a DIY, i had a tie-dye project saved for this holidays, remember?
i used a singlet from a old girlfriend issue, it was meant to be tie dyed anyways. 
i got 3 colours of dye; red, blue and yellow. 
when i finished it, it wasn't quite what i wanted. 
& in fact it's still air drying outside right now, in the dark cold wind :L
it left alot of the original colour but ohwells better than a plain grey singlet.

this weekend there actually has been good movies on:
yesterday there was 'Lizzie McGuire movie'
and today there was 'Bring It On: all or nothing'

and omfg, my mum keeps giving me incorrect times 
to attend church, i went @ 6:00pm, but turns out it started @ 5:00pm 
so i came when everyone was leaving, but the church time 
has officially changed to 5 instead of 6, at least it won't be as dark :)

i've been constantly drinking Schweppes Lemonade for the past two weeks 
and i have no clue how to pronounce it. 
it's so yum, i prefer soft drinks to be non-fizzy so i just leave it in the fridge for days.
it's more nice :)

i won't be blogging until Thursday afternoon, cause i'm 4% away from being capped. 
so have a good holiday, and be prepared for a long post when i'm back.
i really need to get out of my house, I've been extremely bored.
anyone wanna go out?

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