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birthday sex, :)
Sunday, June 6, 2010

so today is my birthday. 
i'm pretty happy right now, i stayed up w/ amy countdowning till 12 
then started getting too many emails from facebook 
w/ bunches of happy birthdays,
i really appreciate it :)

i just came home from city, cause i needed to buy the hills season 5 part 1
i went to 2 stores and they were sold out, 
i was so heartbroken, but then remembered that 
there is a sanity shop in this random street 
& there it was, the last one left on the shelf, 
it must've been birthday luck :!

hmm, i also bought this vintage holder thing, 
i think i'm gonna use it to hold all my paintbrushes
i got my birthday boost drink aswell, 
i got to choose any type of flavor i want 
so i chose a cookies'n'creme one, it was yum 
but original size is wayyyy too big and pretty much filled me up.
the lady said happy birthday to me like 3 times, 
seriously go out and get a boost card, and wait till its your birthday 
to just get free boost :D

when i went back to footscray, to catch my bus home 
there was this elder looking man, looking a bit sad
so i thought he didnt have enough money for the bussride
so i offered him, but he didn't need it 
then he striked up a convo, but then got disgusting and unclear 
he was like your my baby, are you married? 
don't tell anyone, its a secret. 
so i was like wtf, and got freaked out big time 
so i was like i'm gonna go check out the shops, and just walked away and saved my life.

omgosh, when i went on this website this morning http://www.astrozone.com.au/horoscopes/gemini
it actually said, happy birthday on it (daily horoscope), 
or does it do that everyday of june? 
i was like woah, that's strange 
but you tell me?

well, i'm off to go watch the hills, 
now i need the city, maybe next week :)
& thanks again if you said happy birthday.

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