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You're supercalifragilisticexpialidociously cute
Sunday, May 23, 2010

this afternoon, was awesome & very beneficial.
yeah, went city / harbour town w/ nancyface & katherineface
i got enough rings to survive my satisfaction. 
& also bought a new jumper, like finally 
i seriously dress like it's spring but its like nearly winter.
after we ate maccas, we walked out and there was a kfc protest outside 
all these girls, were just holding papers, made me feel off of kfc.
i can totally see myself as one of those protesters.

i was once again, wearing my rip thin stockings
but this time the holes were even more massive. 
like the above picture, right knee size.
doesn't look that bad though, but i think it's time to throw my beloved 
stockings away, i got grey/black leopard skin stockings today 
so that can be the replacement :)

there was this cute 8 year old looking boy, singing his own songs 
he so reminded me of Justin Bieber, cause he had a girly voice 
aw, he looked so insecure but who wouldn't be, 
singing in the city in front of the crowd.
i would be shitting myself :P

well this was a convo w/ me and my dad about working;

me: i'm gonna work when i turn 14 nine months which is around March or April 2011
dad: why, do you wanna work for?
me: so i have money, to buy w/e i need eg, phone & ipod
dad: ohkay, i'll buy you a phone for your birthday (June 6th)
me: no, i dont want a phone
dad: why?
me: cause if i lose it you'll tell me off, i want an ipod 
dad: how much does it cost?
me: er $300 (referring to ipod touch)
dad: fine ohkay, i'll get you it, but you better not lose it :@

well yay, always wanted a ipod
who gives a shit about phones. 
phones plainly just hates me, i can get it next year :)
soon i'll be a proud owner of the ipod touch, i think i'm gonna get 8gb 
i reckon you readers are like; meh, i already own an iTouch
well you guys are lucky bitchs, if thats true. 
at least no more, listening to crappy bus/tram/train noises :D

gotta go study for tomorrow's test 
on the musclar & skeletal system, i hope i pass 
right now, i dont know jack shit 
but wish me luck :)

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