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tried my best, to resist
Saturday, May 8, 2010

what a nice sunny day, today :)
in the afternoon went highpoint w/ Alittia 
but her and her bro had to go get a mother's day gift & other things, 
so i was like i'll come too, why not right?
yeah, got home around 4, then showered
i 'bought' a red stripy top from JayJays :D
just came home from cousins house :)

last night, i stayed up watching Glee, 
weird episode, but loved it. 
i dislike watching channel 10 full episodes online 
cause' it's broken up into 6 videos such a pain, 
i prefer channel 7 :D 
cause it's just one full video.

well there is a year 8 scholarship going around in my school,
should i enter? or shouldn't i?
i have a very low chance of achieving it, probs 1 percent
since i have to have majority of "very high" on my year 7 report for all subjects,
the scholarship is to pay for all the school fees, for the entire time in my school
right through from year 9-12 :)
i don't know what to do, if i enter
i have to complete a scholarship exam, to see if i'm worthy.
but its during my favorite subject art, & i don't want to miss it,
that would have to be the most lamest excuse ever :O

+ happy birthday Tammy <3

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