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There will be no after, no after
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

school, was looooooong as.
i kept looking @ my watch all day.
maybe it's cause the crappy rain, that makes the day feel like it hasn't moved.
hating autumn, i want summer back :(

the maths test, was pretty hard
i made a bet w/ nancyface that i would get a lower mark then her
but she disagreed, she reckons shes gonna get lower but obviously i am.
But lemme tell you shes a smart girl
& tomorrow we're getting our results back.
Pray to God, my maths teacher is gonna be happy w/ my results.
So looks like i'm gonna win 50c.

in homegroup there was a uniform & ID check.
& i was like crap my skirt is a bit too high since i always wear it high on my waist
i pulled it down all the way up to my hips
i looked so retarded, i had to stand up to go to my teacher.
LOL, everyone was laughing, it was pretty funny.
she got pretty sus, then shes like keep it that way (siff)
she also said; 'do you iron your skirt?'
cause my skirt was pretty wrinkly cause of the washing machine
and i have no time to iron it, but w/e.
no detention for me (A).

i miss these girlies, i believe they'll have a comeback. 
Even though, all the press is all up there faces about partying and wearing oogly clothes. 
seriously, they'll realise and have a return, 
Lindsay will go back to making movies and music. 
Mischa will go back to being on TV and being a style icon.
that would make the media go crazy.

yes, really :D

wow, i actually blogged early for once, 
maybe its due to the super snail, day.
i really wanna find my rosary bead, i think i chucked it out.
omgosh, regretion. :(

background music:
shawty it's your booty - Qwote

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