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So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i'm such a happy chap today. 
Nothing in the world can get me down :)
i went to go buy things with Amy which is highly top secret since it's a birthday present
& she sometimes goes on my blog, which ain't safe. 
Something special, from the heart which will take a long time & awhile to make.

rofl, i know you guys don't care, but caring is sharing 
i 'bought' some undies today, one bonds with prints
and another random branded one, that has this quote going across the band 
"naughty but nice"
hahaha, it has 2 cute buttons on it :D
i also, chose to buy some coloured sharpies, the pack had
pink, blue, green & orange. 
love love love <3

tomorrow is gonna be oh so freezing, 
16 degrees max, looks like i'm gonna be wearing my trackies for the first time this year
very rare, cause i look like a fatty in it (no joke) 
makes me look short & frumpy
hmm, i might wear tights under 
cause most likely i'm gonna go out afterwards i could take my pants off 
then wa-lahhh 

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