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listen to your dreams, it's alot smarter than you are
Friday, May 14, 2010

yesss, end of the week :)
i'm so gonna try to sleep in hardcore, i need it. 
today, i got results back for my italian & science test 
science: 43.5/50
italian: 56/58
pretty good, i'm proud of myself (A)

tomorrow, i feel like going to brighton beach (far far away)
to just lie on the sand, and finish my book "siggy & amber" one. 
i'm just so in the mood for that, to just get away from the western suburbs :)
even though tomorrow is pretty freezing + foggy, lame but i want to go so bad 
so halfy halfy, i'll see if i can be fucked going tomorrow afternoon.

borrowed a new book from the library today. 
Diary of a wimpy kid; dog days. 
I've read all of the other collection. 
gonna start after finishing my book, got like 10/9 chapters left.

i reckon i'm gonna get a epiphany during my relaxation @ the beach. 
& come back to reality with a new approach, and a new me :D

today, afterschool i went to sunshine library 
to help a few of my classmates to find books 
since i'm such a good friend, LOL 
stayed for like an hour then felt so exhausted, yeah then went home.
pretty crappy week, next week should be a good one. :)
cause' on Monday, period 5&6 my drama class is going to go to the boys campus 
to watch some play. 
Then on Tuesday, is year 8 reflection day
which is a day, for religion 
but the girls spend the entire day @ the boys campus 
this ought to be fun.

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