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into the breeze, remembering sunday
Saturday, May 1, 2010

dayum, i miss the legendary net for 3 or so days. 
bloody got 226 blog posts to read, farrr. :(
tomorrow, i shall dedicate my whole day to read all the blogs.
& also watch One Tree Hill on channel 10; 12:00. (Melbourne-time)
omgosh and how could i forget an Art Essay, due this Friday D:
shoot me now!

hmm, -thinking of things that happened on my netless days-
well the only epic/funny thing i remember;
yesterday i was heading to Nandos w/ Amy, we arrived
@ the busstop in front of Nandos-ish.
we pressed the button blah blah blah, then we got up
i was walking to the backdoor exit, and then it closed
i then turned around to go frontdoor exit then clashed w/ amy since she was following me
the front door closed, and the bus started moving.
Amy goes yelling "ahhhhhhh stop stop" in her high pitched screaming voice.
The bus stops immediately making us fall all over the place,
luckily i was holding the pole thing,
Amy quickly grabs the pole nearly falling on the monoface (no expression) hottie.
then we got out, laughing our dicks off.
i couldn't stop laughing for like a minute my stomach killed.
i bet the hottie thinks were the most retardest people ever, but whatevs.
Funniest thing that happened in ages. (i bet it wasn't even funny for you reader)

talking about busses, i dont know why
but i always sit on the right hand side of buses.
its just more appealing to me, trams & trains i sit in w/e seats are available.

 lovin' the top <3

i'm seriously hating this cold weather, i catched a cold just a couple of days ago
but i'm already better, oh why do i have to be a winter baby (june).
Just not meant to be i should be a spring baby :)

see the Jesus, religious bracelet, I've wanted it forever.
& finally bought it today, :D
i probably can wear it to school since its religious, yay.

ain't this inspiring?
i saw this like a couple of months ago, and have been fascinated w/ backpacks ever since 
today i went to savers (god, bless that place), it's just a place packed full of 
second hand goods, but yeah. 
i found a glossy cream backpack, in extremely good condition
looks like noone actually owned it. :D
it looks similarly to the Chanel one (above)
but only the pockets are quilted, sadly the straps aren't chains either. 
BUT i'm so glad it's mine now, $6.00 what a bargain. 
& it's vintage, vintage is the new designer brand :L 
i bet you guys are wishing that i have a camera, right this instance?

My friend Nancy from my homegroup, gave my ALOTTTTT of RNB music. 
like literally hundreds, love that nerd. 
I haven't even chucked it all in my iTunes. 
all the songs are pretty good (Y)
I'm loving R'n'B again :)

background music:
crash - Shayne Ward

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