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I'd rather run through freeways and dodge through cars
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

school = boredom galore 
i got my maths test results & received 55/100%
at least i passed !, i also won $1.00
cause another friend wanted to join the bet, 
nancyface - 66% / quynhface - 62%
which ment i won, i never been so happen w/ my results 
rofl, i sound like a gay hobo :L

i also found my rosary beads, i found 2 in fact. 
one of them cant fit pass my head :L 
& one of them is perfect, i would prefer it to be longer but yeah.

how mad/cute, i wonder if it's a tattoo

i received a bag in the mail today, it's to chuck in any unneeded 
clothing goods, for charity 
i needa clean out my closet after this post.
to see what i haven't worn or dislike. 
but i'm the type of person who holds onto everything that i own 
incase i need it in the future, clothing trends always make a comeback :}

i came across this on facebook, 
some dude in my school, actually webcamed w/ JUSTIN BIEBER (not for that long)
like woah shit, and its no joke
nothing fake about this. 
justin bieber haters, i know your amazed :L 
& if you dont know what chatroulette is; it's a site where you webcam 
with anyone across the world, all you need is a webcam.
it's like omegle, but better :L

i want the peace bracelet

i learnt how to do a fishbraid, thanks to Jenny. 
yayzor, if you dont know what it is; google it :D
i think my good luck-ness is coming back :D

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