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i might do something stupid, like believing
Thursday, May 6, 2010

i'm very sleepy and tired currently is 11:30pm
*yawn* today @ school nothing special 
was suppose to have an Italian test but got moved to Monday cause' we weren't "ready"

After school, went home, net a bit 
then got ready to go highpoint by now it was 5:30pm
then arrive much later, but Tammy went back to sunshine 
lamee, so had to bussed there.
saw Tammy, & Brandon & Max 
we all went on 220, a funny ass thing happened. 
the bus was just riding normally, then i guess it was red lights suddenly, 
it full on stopped, like brakes last second
then everyone just fell a little bit forward but Brandon and me 
(back of the bus)
LOL, Brandon literally flew off his seat, cause he sat in a open seat that had chairs around in a square, so he flew like 100cm estimating, where i was sitting and fell there
and about me, i got pushed to the back of the seat which was in front of me 
then somehow i rolled down the floor where Brandon landed, 
maybe he pulled me by accident, idk 
but funny moment, Tammy couldn't stop laughing.

 i have the same studded bracelet :D)

after the whole flying thing, Tammy and i went to a dry cleaners, 
to wash & dry 2 jackets that are confidential, hahha
when it was washing, we decided to go maccas all the way @ sunshine 
so we bussed back from west footscray, i think
back to sunshine for maccas, then we bussed back 
the dry cleaners had a scary movie scenery, freaky
then yeah went home around 9 or so, and here i am dead tired 

i also missed Glee :(, gonna watch it online tomorrow 
& i finished my art essay, so proud of myself
all ready to hand it up :)

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