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Here I am, a hopeful rocketeer,
Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day :)
i'm such a bad daughter, 
i gave my mum a bookmark that i made in religion class, 
which has the prayer Hail Mary on it, at least she appreciated it :D

aw, doesn't this picture make you wanna become a vegetarian or pescetarian?
cause i do :(, i remember the phase i went through.
i became a pescetarian (doesn't eat meat but eat fish) @ the end of the year 
i lasted for about 2 months.
i didnt last, it wasnt the cravings its just cause i started feeling weak and tired, 
maybe it's because i didn't consume enough iron & protein 
perhaps, when i'm older i'll try it out again :)

my art class, is starting to design a gargoyle (the creatures above)
but the down side, it cant be cute it has to be scary. 
we already started making it w/ the Terra-cotta clay. 
i want it for my room, to like guard my room 
damn, that sounds stupid. 
but now that mine is like pretty scary, 
i'll probably scare myself @ night looking at my artwork D:

i wish i have a usable credit card. 
i want to shop online, i really wanna buy 
band shirts like the all of the ones above, 
man so jealous.
ohkay, maybe i got carried away with making this collage, 
but i couldn't resist :P

background music:
Louder Than Words - HeyHiHello!

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