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He stood for hours selling smiles around the neighborhood
Friday, May 21, 2010

happy days are here again :)
school, was actually alright 
mostly had classes in computer rooms & continued making our gargoyles 
which is very fun. 

after school, went watergardens w/ amy. 
Got stuff from diva & Supre :D
um, i feel like going op shopping tomorrow 
too bad i'm a broke bitch. 
seriously can't wait till i'm 14 and nine months :)
then randomly saw Tammy roaming around in Sunshine Station 
when plaza for a bit, and waited for my bus. 

if someone said i was nerdy, i'll take it as a compliment. 
omgosh, got stacks of homework. 
i reckon tomorrow i have to do it ALL. 
since on Sunday i'm going harbour town w/ katherine & nancy :)
well cheerios, gonna go watch "Bolt"

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