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everybody knows theres a party at the end of the road
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what a great day, i reckon so far 
i think i aced the science test :D 
after school, went to go buy some supplies 
i bought like a tie-dying kit 
to make like the rainbow, hippy style 
even though tie-dyes are out of trend, fuck trends :)
i'll probably start my 'diy' in the upcoming holidays

yes, got some new stockings
now i don't have to wear my super thin ones, that i freeze to death in :)

when i got on the bus to go home, 
there was this woman, who had a very like gypsy look
she had a red hippy bandanna around her head, 
i was just scanning the bus to see whose on it, per usual. 
Then she caught my eye, looked @ her and smiled. 
she sat like directly left of me in the bus. 
so when i went back to looking @ the front. 
i could see in the corner of my eye her staring at me 
not in a nice way, kind of creepy, scary way. 
She looked like the type that would cast a spell of bad luck on you. 
so i just keep looking straight until she stopped staring, 
& she spoke to herself complaining about something D;

cindyface :)

giselle, me, cindy 

ohnine memories ;)

tu, ellie, tammy, cindy and plain me @ temple fest 10'

i finally watched the whole movie of Juno today, 
it was on tv just a couple of hours ago, i pretty much liked it. 
the music on it, is so cuteeee
but not my type :)
i love Juno, she speaks like a normal 16 but american style. 
shes like a smartarse, but in a humorous way.


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