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boy you're tripping so pull yourself together
Monday, May 24, 2010

school was a bludge. 
The hpe test turned out not that difficult got 77%/100
& handed up my civics essay, received it back & got a High
looks like i'm flying through term 2.

& remember how i borrowed a book called Wringer
i didn't even pick it up to read for a couple of days. 
That's when i knew i wouldn't even enjoy that book 
so i returned it to my school library 
and borrowed a much more interesting book called; 
i am not a serial killer - Dan Wells

heres the blurb (as per usual);
My name is John Cleaver, and my hobby is death. I'm fascinated by serial killers, and I've seen a lot of dead bodies in my life, but since my family runs the town mortuary what do you expect? Especially since business has been booming… 

That’s because there are two monsters living in my hometown. One of them is a vicious killer who tears his victims to shreds. It might be a man, it might be a wild animal, or it might be something far, far worse… 

As for the other monster, well…I’m doing my best not to kill anybody at all.

My name is John Cleaver. I’m fifteen. I’m a mortician. I’m a sociopath. But I am NOT a serial killer.

i came across this on khanh-ly's tumblr:

A guy has a crush on this girl. He followed her where ever she goes. One day the girl noticed & asked the guy:

Girl: Why do you keep on following me?
Boy: Because you’re so pretty and I think I’m falling in love with you.
Girl: Really? But you haven’t met my friend yet. she’s prettier than me and she’s right behind you.
*The guy looked behind him but found no one*
Boy: Are you making fun of me? There’s no one behind me.
Girl: No, but if you really loved me, you wouldn’t of looked back.

tomorrow, i have a maths test on algebra
i don't understand anything, crap gonna get such a shit mark D;
but still wish me luck, & stay positive. 
gonna go watch big bang theory soon :D
& there is glee on 10:00 tonight, i think it's last weeks one. 
but i love glee 8), i don't mind watching it twice.

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