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as we go on we remember, all the times we had together
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's been a rough couple of days 
to many changes, i need to getaway for a day 
when will that be, maybe next week . 
i guess i just i have to believe in the quote;
"theres always something good after something bad"

didn't post yesterday so heres a summary of my day;
lets skip school, well i think i lost 2 best friends but well not completely :( 
just don't hang out anymore.
i just know it won't be the same, i can see us slowly drifting apart.
After school, i spent the last time* w/ one of them, 
enjoyed our 'expecting' last moment together before 
we just have to go on w/ our lives. 
we ate sushi, cones & lied on the grass of state library reminiscing about old times 
that we'll cherish forever, we took pictures 
good old times, something i'll never forget. 

after our whole emotional state, we left to go back home 
it was around 9pm, then i walked to the buses @ highpoint
but there was no more, 408 so i was like crap 
so i went on the 409 for the first time, it went through edgewater 
damn, that place is beautiful
oyeah, i got a free ride, since my 2 hour card expired 
& he also drove me back to my 220/410 busstop on the ballerat road
cause' this was the last bus for the timetable
i was so happy.
He was cool, he was talking about how he loved his job, 
& i even found out how much bus drivers get paid 
eg. 5 days a week = $1200, 7 days = $2000 around there.
LOL, i was curious :)
& when i got off, i realised he changed the bus thing to "SPECIAL"
i felt very special, indeed :D

don't you guys like the renovated style of google?
i like it alot :D

well i'm off to go watch "kstar" on Australia's got Talent. 
vote for them, i think i will :)

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