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and then i turned myself inside out la da da da da
Thursday, May 27, 2010

ahhhhh, school.
i was rushing hardcore in the morning, then arrived at school not late 
and left my pencil case at home, it sucks going school without your pencil case. :( 
so here was my convo w/ my home group teacher:

me: can i run home to get my pencil case?
her: no.
me: i just live across the road *points to a random street
(exaggerating, i live like 3 mins away)
her: i cant, i have no permission. 
me: i'll be back before homegroup ends (8:55)
her: no. 
me: *walks back to seat :(

i didn't end up needing my pencil case anyways. 
&, there's a new girlfriend issue, that has free double rings. 
i want the white one :)

this is the colour blue i want, if i ever dye my tips blue

yay, tomorrow is sacred heart day for our school. 
it's a day that you do no work, and the whole school gets together. (year 7-12)
first we have mass, then have this stall thingy (buy food/win games/dance/receive roses/have fun) then conclude w/ sacred heart talent quest.
i think this is an opportunity, to spray my hair tips blue.

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