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And I'm texting your friends just to see if they heard from ya
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

school, was actually quite boring 
walked to boys campus in the freezing morning 
ended up only doing a couple of weird activities all relating to Jesus somehow
tbh, sitting just below guys feels very uncomfortable. 
i really should go to a co-ed school, so i can be more relaxed around boys :D
but whatever. 

seriously, the st johns/sacred heart campus is so boring. 
all the guys like play sport/4 square and shit.
like now i understand why my cousin misses Christ the king times.
& omgosh got so hot in the arvo, i was like freakin regretting wearing pants.

still need to buy more rings D:

tomorrow, is vip night @ highpoint 
its like a winter sale, for one day only. 
I'm gonna go afterschool, w/ friends. 
its gonna be so packed D:
a good opportunity to buy some rings :)

i just noticed the dude from Lizzie McGuire is actually pretty cute. 
seriously, he reminds me a little bit of bobby from Australia's Got Talent. 
& aww, kstar got evicted :(

i want a new wallet as well, i'm pretty bored of my one 
at this very moment, i want one w/ studs :D

& i reckon it's so awesome when i go city and see dudes/chicks 
walking w/ barefoot, i find it fascinating. 
extremely inspiring.

i've been chewing hubba bubba all day. 
getting so sick of it. 
i hate it how it runs out of flavor in a matter of minutes. 
sucks 8)

well off to get my beauty sleep, night

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