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and get away from my parents, cause' they always get me down
Sunday, May 2, 2010

last night, was one of the most randomest shit ever. 
i was on msn per usual, then my friend goes 
"come to my house"
"your best friends wasted" 
"& shes coming here right now (people are bringing her)"

it was around 9pm, and i like wtf serious 
took me like 15 minutes to decide to go or not. 
Got changed, waited for bus in the cold night. 
took the taxi to her house, and waited while searching up 
"how to look after a drunk person" haha
then she arrived in a taxi, all pale 
from the cold, took her in the house. 
Man, shes a funny girl when shes wasted. 

now it was around 10:30ish i had to go home asap. 
called the taxi didnt arrive, so called another one. 
then came around 11 something, and i was like fuck man. 
so i was basically fucked. 
i was @ sunshine station alone @ 11:30. 

i tried to get a free taxi ride, back home. 
Perverted Indians look @ me up & down. 
Like fuck, go get a life. 
so my only option was to walk home, 
i live close by the Braybrook Safeway. 
It was a 1 hour walk till i'm home safely.
It was cold, i speed walked home. 
& it was a full moon night, apparently people are more crazy
on full moon nights, thats what i heard from 'today tonight'

I was shitting myself all the way home, 
lots of cars pass me, but noone stopped or anything. 
arrived home around 12:20am
& stayed up on the net, reading blogs. 

gosh isn't my life just so hectic? :)

i recently borrowed a book after reading "massive"
from my school library it's called "siggy & amber"

it looks a bit childish, but so far it has a pretty cute love story
& it's is also based in Australia. :D
heres the blurb:

'I want to see what's behind the door.'
'Amber, maybe we should leave.'
'We can't back out now.'

There is something strange at Tallis Point. Siggy knows, because he's seen it. And now the mysterious, non-blonde Amber want to see it too.

Should Siggy take Amber to Tallis Point? On the good side, he might end up with a girlfriend. On the bad side, he might explode. It's a tough decision.

i seriously need to buy more jumpers for winter. 
i really like the owl one, but probably not in stock in Australia. 
& the batman, american-baseball type one is so hot. 
especially on guys but i'll wear it anyday. :D

& one tree hill is not on 
its freakin' replaced by merlin, grr
time to spend my whole day doing art essay :(

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