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All of my friends they would live next door
Sunday, May 16, 2010

today, was the type of the day that is needed once in a while. 
i decided to skip the beach and go to Harbour town for the first time by myself 
cause' i'm a independent bitch :D
too bad, one tree hill was on so i watched that then left @ 1
i was supposed to go Tammy's house around 3.
i had a feeling i wouldn't make it on time. 
i felt like such a clueless Asian tourist asking for directions to get to my destination 
i knew i had to stop @ southern cross, but the ticket guy said its too far too walk 
he told me to get the tram, but he didn't know which one. 
so i had to figure it out myself.
Then i was @ Newquay docklands? LOL, i think thats what it is called.

i walked past stalls selling random things, & there was alot of bracelet sellers 
but nothing really caught my eye 
until i went past this asiany man, he was selling jewelery 
there was rings made from a material, i cant identify 
it's like play-doh material but not actually play-doh 
it had all sorts of organisms on it eg. dogs, strawberry, butterfly 
i chose a yellow angelfish ring, so cute. 
& it was only for 3 dollars, yeah i love it. 

before the whole harbour town thing, i went to beloved savers. 
i got this floral button down top & a really nice brown belt & a red over the shoulder bag. 
i freaken love that place, vintage is my thing.
& while i was in harbour town, i got a two-toned sunnies, 
and a blue long sleeve top from cotton on. 
& i also got a pink watch, yay needed one ever since my phone got stolen. 
lucky, my school allows watches, 
i reckon i should've got yellow since it matches my arm colour better but ohwells :)

hm, then i asked a man for the time. 
& omfg it was 4 something D:
so i had to work out a way to get back to southern cross, so i can train it to Tammy's place 
it was quite difficult to work out where i am, the tram driver told me to walk up the stairs
then omgosh walked up, then i was surrounded by thousands of essendon & st kilda fans
going to watch the game.
i saw the bridge that i have to cross, to get to southern cross, 
but it was so packed full of afl fans 
i felt like such an outcast, & btw i was @ the etihad stadium D:
i saw an alternative way to get to Southern cross, it was clearly the longer way 
but no way am i gonna walk through that massive crowd. 
i started walking down a different stairs, it felt awkward cause everyone was going up & i was the only one going down. 
everyone was in the football teams merchandise.

 i wanna learn how to do the fishtail braid, :)

 I was wearing like ripped thin stockings that kept sagging down revealing the patch in the vaginal area, LOL
i kept getting weird looks, i reckon i dress to old
but still, i can wear w/e i want. 
i was wearing red & white stripy top w/ denim high waisted shorts, a cropped grey cardigan & skinny leopard skin belt. (for those who care)
i really need some brown or black oxfords :D 
but not my fault, i get to influenced by lookbook & city people.

i got Tammy's place @ 5 something 
man, i need to get punctual.
we watched this Chinese movie, which was suppose to be sad 
but wasn't that much, then i ate some Korean noodles 
i gave her late pressie too, I've been making & collecting it for over 2 weeks now. 
it's a scrapbook, i ended up using all the pages
very time consuming, but glad i actually finished it
she liked it. 
& said she'll make one in return for my birthday 
which is coming up in exactly 20 days :)

nighty night

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