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you seem so different, you've changed
Sunday, April 18, 2010

late night post :D 
todayyyy, i went w/ Cindy to Brimbank Central 
to go get her top right ear, pierced. 
She wasn't scared, until we arrived there, her palms started getting all sweaty
we got to hairhouse warehouse, 
then they took her to a small room, of course i followed 
then the man, was like it'll be quick blah blah, 
i couldn't see anything because i was behind the man, so i had to look in the mirror 
most crappiest view ever!
it wasn't that bad as i expected, Cindy only said 'owww' when he put the needle 
in & when he removed it. 

the next thing, on my want list is:
: is like a sea salt spray for hair, to make it like beachy, 
you spray it on, then you scrunch your hair to make it beachy waves, 
i like my hair when it just dried up from all the salt from the beach, ;)

Around 5:30 i went to Cathy/Jenny's house, 
so they can help me out with my upcoming maths test, 
they helped me ALOT, i'm so grateful to have them, 
but theres so much to remember, i shall study like a bitch 
during these days before the test. 
I hope i won't forget everything when i sleep, 

today i will dedicate everything to my studies, i need to add some finishing touches 
to my art & TRY attempt to answer all the questions for maths.

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