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Weather or Not
Thursday, April 15, 2010

heads up: long post :D 

first of all, about me day:
it was such a drainer, i hate 2 periods of maths. 
D: i have a test coming up next week, i'm gonna so get a low :(
had crappy subjects until period 5&6 i had art, art always goes by quickly 
i wished we had it more than once a week :D

lmao, random photo i found, relating to what i'm gonna talk about, 

tomorrow, since i don't i have school. 
I'm gonna go highpoint w/ Alittia, to go a little bit of shopping, 
and to get new photobooth stickers. 
haven't got any in agessss. 
Needa update my wallet photo :)

i wanna, buy everything 'dream catcher'ness. 
Necklaces, earrings and especially the wall hanging one, like the picture above 
& I've been getting more attracted to 'rose' shaped things, like rings and beads.

oyeah, after school i went to boys campus. 
It was so not fun, there was suppose to be a commotion. 
But didn't end up happening, 
and i remember my dad would be driving down the road and maybe see me 
so crap had to speed walk to the milkbar, 
saw Tammy & Jenny then my dad comes out of nowhere. 
& i'm like 'crap, shit he saw me' 
but all was good, he was just like 'what are you doing @ the guys school?' 
and i was like watching guys from different school fight 
(literally, but didn't do jack shit)
then he just laughed, so yeah didn't need to walk home after all :D

do you remember, last term how i was like super stressed about a English assignment?
probably you don't remember/know, so lemme refresh your memories. 
I had to create a book, filled w/ 10 lyrics, 10 poems i found and write 10 poems. 
It probably sounds easy to you, but boyyy it was hard & stressful, 
well anyways 
i got back my results a couple days ago, & got VH = A 
im very happy :D

if you're still reading, heres a gold star for you 
back to the long post :D 

For English we're starting this group work, thing.
We have to pick a violence against women, my group chose 'rape' 
LMAO, it'll be easy. 
We're gonna film  me getting raped from my friend Nancy, in the park on Sunday, 
But not literally rape, just like screaming, attacking etc. 
we don't want to mortify our teacher, 
i'm excited for Sunday. :D 

i came across his myspace last night, i love discovering new singers. 
i'm obsessed, 
the background music is by him:
Postcards - WeatherStar
(i love the chorus)

If you wanna download his albums, 
the first album (6 songs) - download
the second album ~ acoustic (3 songs) - download

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