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umm, so where do i start?
Friday, April 2, 2010

stuff the pictures for now.
This morning had my alarm on 10:00am, to have enough time to get to Alittia's place. 
I knew today, was Good Friday & the transport is really crappy. 
Ended up to be going by the Sunday timetable.
i freakinnnn' hate the Sunday timetable.
So, i walked back home which is not far from the busstop. 
Asked my daddy to take me, then was off to her place. 

When i arrived? i think im gonna break it down to dot points.
- watched random videos on facebook
- watched hair tutorials from the link below, attempted to do it but obviously failed
BigBeautyBox/ shes so adorable, i wanttt her eyes (:
- applied random makeup
- installed Alittia's video webcaming thing (complicated)
- went to go get maccas
- finished our hairstyle tutorial video 
- took webcam pictures for memories of today
- just gossip, gossip and gossip.

sorry for our inaudible voices
we will work on that, i think we're gonna do some more tutorials. 
In better qualities, of course. 

heres our youtube channel :), i know you guys can't watch it on my blog 
since theirs no pause button for my background music
but oh wells, don't forget to subscribe.

loool, we are so gay. 
fuckkkk, my image thing doesn't still work, 
i guess i have to use tinypic from now on ):
& the camp pictures as i said last time.

Attempted to piggyback 2 people, kind of success-ed.

 just to clear any confusion, im in front of the girl wear blue board shorts.

loved canoeing.

more camp pictures coming soon :D

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